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August 19, 2013

Cuddlestream #1 Featuring Patton Oswalt!

8101162268_6b9a71110f.jpgThis Friday Stupid and I will be doing a live cuddle at The Nerdmelt Theatre in Los Angeles at 9PM PST. It will feature Patton Oswalt and Chris Fairbanks. If you live in the Dirt City then you won't want miss it so I suggest you get a ticket NOW!
But... if you live in other parts of the world like say Burbank, or Tokyo and you want to join the party live then you can STREAM it for the mostly reasonable price of $5. The streaming site Laffster also gives you the opportunity to bid on prizes like your own personal 10min WTR podcast where you can pick the subject matter, a one of a kind, you design it, T Shirt from Angelo at Estoy Merchandise or a personal phone call from Dave telling you to "Go fuck yourself." and if the bid gets high enough you will get an apology from ME! The show will start at 8:45 on the web with a Qand A and end with a Q and A! So get five dollars and your questions ready cause this shit is real yo! (Sorry coffee just kicked in)
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