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December 30, 2013

Hey, we're back at WTR.com

8089403769_12009004b4_b.jpgSo holy fuck! What a year. Bell House, dog pills, rehab, Maron, Oprah, Podfest, Shame Chamber, Black Sweater Massacre, J Michael Anthony and CHEETAHS  to name but a few of the events that shaped this awkward and yet transformational year. By most standards it was a quiet year for Walking The Room with fewer live shows, the dissolution of the Hot Dog Thunderdome plus my abandonment of the WTR home page. Not because I don't believe in Walking The Room Dot Come but because for the most part people seemed not to care about it as much. But that shouldn't matter. People only care if you care. Oddly through all of this our numbers are consistent if not still on an upward trend. It's Dave and I that have been remiss about stoking your fires (we still have our dicks out are yours?) So with that all said I am returning to this site. I will post every monday if not more and Dave and I will have more fun stuff planned in 2014. And by fun I mean pathetic. 

We've said it before Cuddlah and I'll say it again. We fucking appreciate and love you guys.( By that I me me) Without you none of the good stuff that is happening in both our lives would be happening now. Happy New Year! Try going outside in 2014
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