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February 4, 2013

Starfish Curcus Brooklyn is a FACT!

8442056212_30a9caa23e_b.1.jpgCancelling guests, bad flights, coconut milk spilled on the computer that holds the entire Eat Pray Ska documentary footage, and 23 degree weather didn't even kinda put a damper on what was, for this fingerless glove idiot, one of the best nights of show business in my almost half century of living. In the end it was as Dave so superbly texted me "It's three great comics and you!" And it really was. Wil Anderson, Janeane Garofalo slayed the assembled and Dave and I did our best standup to date, according to me. You guys embraced the Reigning Monarchs as though they were the Rolling Stones for certainly we are close in age and the Nora Jones Jed Parish RMs version Ghost Town by the SPECIALS is now Circus legend.

But here's the most amazing and exciting part. To do something like this once is a success, but to do it twice with just as many people showing up? It's a THING! It's a confirmation that as a group the CUDDLAHS/customers are a genuine society of broken geniuses and that our gatherings are important. Your embracing of not only Dave and I but of our friends, the band and Joeseph Angelo Nancy Peppermint Latte Warner and our silly shirts gives us the great desire to continue these traditions and create more great things for you and us to a be apart of. We love you (I do, Dave is throwing up out his buttle reading this) and thank you for your insane relentless support.


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