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April 1, 2014

Starfish revival! We are back.

10011264_10202369392248812_2067881819_n.jpgHeading into New York Dave and I were trepidatious, ticket sales were low, the show was on at 630 PM during daylight savings, it was two months later then usual, we hadn't booked a superstar, and my guess is it felt like an afterthought to you guys instead of a priority. And while it wasn't our most heavily attended show in person we more than made up for it streaming wise! And by the way the crowd in the room filled all the seats and were fucking amazing as usual. For us the show was a total victory, but also a reminder of how much you guys give a shit about us. It Dave and I that have been remiss in reaching back with more content and events! It's us not you that need adjusting! Abandoning the website etc that's on us. So that ends today. There are going to be more live events, more videos and more general out reach. We are headed for out 200th episode and we want to make at least 200 more. Thank you for your support. If you missed the Starfish Circus 2014 find VIP copies here as well as disgusting collectables. And once again Cuddlah... Gracias! Estoy Podcuddle?
C4FknL Sweater n Tits

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