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May 23, 2013

Walking The Room is back! (return to good bad form)

BK12OYgCUAA3F0u.jpg-large.jpeg.jpgIt's been a weird six months in Cuddletown to be sure, dog pills, time off, Gallagher but Tuesday night we hit the sweet spot in sour town and knocked our live cuddle out of misery park. We had the great fortune of having Jimmy Pardo and Dana Gould as our guests. If you are not familiar with them then get the cuddle and jump on board. Both men are comedy savants that have amazing podcasts of their own. But beyond that Dave and I recovered something that has been missing as of late. FUN. Walking The Room is a lot of things. It's dark, it's honest, repugnant, stupid, smart, and scary but at it's core it's supposed to be fun. Fun to do and fun to listen to. Even in our misery there should be the joy of owning that misery and the hope that we may someday overcome it. I don't know if it's because Dave's comedy album is awesome and is coming out soon, or that the first three finished Monarchs tracks are blowing my mind but something is better in Fuckedville. We are back to our old good bad form. I assume we lost some folks after the "hiatus" but for those of you that have stuck with us and for those of you that made up the small but mighty crowd at Nerdmelt Tueday night we again thank you. This one's for you. Shit is about to get great again and we thank you for your continual support. No sleep til NYC! 
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